During a recent thunderstorm in Norfolk, damage occurred to a section of modules and caused further damage to 36 DC string cables that ran down from the ground mount and underground in ducting.

Our client required us to carry out emergency repair work and get the site safely isolated and then to commence the testing and verification of each string cable to enable the repairs.

We agreed an engineering solution to carry out the repairs and needed to open up a trench to get to the ducting. We carried out individual underground cable repairs using crimps and adhesive lined heatshrink to provide a watertight permanent joint. 

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Case Study 2 - Solarfarm testing

We can carry out full inspection and testing of your solar installations from 4kW to 17.5MW. We are familiar with many types of switchgear.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Case study 3 - cable Management

Over the years we have managed tasks for our clients. These range from obtaining minimum bend radius of DC cables over a 5MW site to upgrading cable ties on 8.5MW site.

case study 4 - Agricultural solar 

We have carried out hundreds of tests across East Anglia on barn installations around 200kW. We provide a full report of our findings, observations and any recommendations to you. We can also bespoke our service to your particular requirements.